Picture of a typical Tupperware Product mold

Only the highest quality molds are used for Tupperware products.

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Superb Calendar of Events

Open Calendar and click "agenda" on top right corner to see it in a day by day view

Warranty & Parts Books

Parts Catalogue & Warranty information

Warranty Identification Flyer

A page to show what is under warranty and what is not

My Sales "Easy Reference Guide"

FridgeSmart Icon Sheet

Sales Aids List from Tupperware

Go to "My Sales" and use the 'item search' and select Sales Aids


Product Knowledge Guide

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Training and Coaching Material

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Tupperware help line for Consultants

Tupperware on Social Media
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Suggestions for Tupperware

Have a good idea or suggestion for Tupperware, send them to comments@tupperware.com .

An example may be that some products can only be purchased in sets!

Just click on e-mail address to send your thoughts.

The Income Opportunity

Party for a Living!


You could step into “Leadership” and earn CASH bonuses!

        enter the Manager Program with:

        • Recruit 3 active Consultants
        • Have personal sales of $600+ - earn profit and Volume Bonus
        • Have Unit Sales of $3000+  - earn "Profit Plus Bonuse" & "Vanguard Bonus"

Increased Earnings - Work SMARTER not harder!

Earn hundreds of dollars of residual income every month of Bonuses, there is no limit on the income you can earn by helping other by sharing the opportunity of Tupperware! All you do is Recruit!

PDF file with all details


Every Rally is a Guest Event!

Every Week there is a Rally / Sales Meeting to Launch New Programs - Recognize Great Performances - and provide Fantastic Training. Monday evening Rally is in Ancaster and Wednesday evening Rally is in Kitchener.

First time guests are given a wonderful introduction to Tupperware.

Invest the time to come to Rally and it will pay dividends in your business.

FREE Product Gift for all first time adult guest!

Saturday Power Hour

Saturday Morning we have an hour of recognition - training - and a guest presentation. You will also see first hand the WEEKLY NEWS from Tupperware.

Because Saturday is the first day of the Tupperware week and may be a more convienient day for Moms with young school age children and past/future hosts and guests to attend a Tupperware rally we have decided to experiment with a new time.

The office is already open from 9 am to noon for service to sales force and the public.

The "Power Hour" will be from 10:30 to 11:30 am.

We invite you to come and bring guests to celebrate what the business offers.

All adult guests are in the draws at rally!

Bigger Parties -   More Recruits

6 Keys to $60 Extra Credits for your future Hosts


A Free Product Gift

New Consultants

Get off to a great start in your new business

Superb wants every "New Consultant" to get a great start with Profits and Recognition in their new business.

6-week Training program

We offer support and training through the regular rallies and e-mails but the most important and most helpful support is the six 30 minute training program that is especially geared to New Consultants. This conveniently is held at every Rally in Ancaster at the Merritt Hall Rally room. During the break out class time new Consultants are invited to participate in these classes that will help them develop a successful business

1. Introduction to your Business

2. Party Planning, Host Coaching, Preparing for Party

3. Dating at and away from Parties

4. Helpful Web sites and Services

5. Web Order Entry (My Sales)

6. Recruiting to build a team


New Consultant Training Classes


Dating challenge

This is for New Datings dated!

New Dating Report <- Click

At every Rally we recognize the Dating Stars with Draws and Awards. Every time you date at a Party or Outside of a Party report the New Dating to be in the recognition and Draws.

New Datings Scoreboard <-Click

Want to Date more!

“Dating Advice” and Mini Game! <- Click

Training by Stephanie Savoy

Great Dating Pursuit

13 Ways to Date

Datings by Phone




Tammy Tupperware v/s Mary Mall Recruiting Visual

Use this visual at parties to demonstrate the great opportunity Tupperware offers people to earn great profits as compared to a regular job on a part time basis.

Tammy Tupperware word choices

Page of small bills

Page of large denominations

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18 Pages of  detailed Training


TupperConnect FAQ's


Information to leave with the Host



Click on above image to see an example of the News Letter mailing

This is a service that sends out monthly brochures automatically to your customers each and every month!

All you need is to go to the sight above and register, place some names with e-mail addresses in the site and then every month those people will receive an e-newsletter 'From You".

Upload your picture so that the customers will recognize you as their Tupperware Consultant.

Make a habit of adding names every day, add friends, neighbours, people you work with, at your parties show people the brochure and ask "would you like me to send the monthly brochure to you every month"? Take their e-mail and always add them to your site as soon as you can. Add your own name so you will be able to forward the newsletter to your current hosts before you add them permanently.

Develop a habit of asking people for their e-mail address; imagine having a list of hundreds of names that receive your personalized newsletter of the new brochure each and every month.

Every month you will receive a list of everyone the e-newsletter was sent to, with their phone number. Use this list to call and keep in touch with customers. No need to keep separate lists, this can be your client list to develop sales from.

You will Date Parties, Sell Tupperware, and Recruit using this service.

Ancaster Rally

Monday 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Rally every week!

See Calendar of Events for Dates

(click on "Agenda" at top right of calendar for daily view)

1374 Sandhill Drive, Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5


Kitchener Rally

Wednesday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Check the Calendar for Dates

See Calendar of Events for Dates

(click on "Agenda" at top right of calendar for daily view)

1405 King Street East, Kitchener, Ontario

N2G 2N9

Register to attend Now <-Click


Recipes that work in the Vent 'N Serve

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Recipes Link

Use this to e-mail link for VNS recipes


Vent 'N Serve Demo, ideas to use for the Heat 'N Serve

Demo by Gloria Smith

Grab a coffee and relax and watch this video, it is well worth the time!

On high speed it take less than 1 minute to load and start .


Saving Money & Time with Vent 'N Serve

By Holly Trotta

More Vent 'N Serve Recipes


Site Impressions Team Share Page

This contains flyers from the U.S. (watch for U.S. pricing on flyers)


The difference between "Good" and "GREAT"

Make more by going the extra mile!

How to save $3000+ on a family food budget

Read these great Demo "Talking Points"