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Draw for every 10 NEW Datings reported

Dating Challenge
September 15th to 28th


Join us tonight at 7 pm for Fun Night!

Get your guests & Hosts to bring friends,  Gift for bringing two!

All first time guests get a Free Gift and are in draws for Great products - every Host from the last 3 weeks will be recognized with a special gift - every Guest & Host can buy a door crasher special.

Team members Bringing 5 Guests in this month and get a "Big Award"

Hosts for the last 3 weeks recognized with a fantastic Award

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Please Register Guests & Hosts

Bring your Supplies such as: Brochures - Order forms - Catalogues - Party Planners - Datebook


Set Your Record Breaker Goal Now!

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New 1 Week Flyer

Salad on the go does not include a Salad Spinner


Extend a Hand

Build your Team & give someone a Gift of the Tupperware Opportunity & earn Bonuses!

Details & Qualifications


Your future is brighter than ever!

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Earn $100 Cash Bonus PLUS

Plus September Step Up Award

All New Managers in September PLUS all existing leaders can earn this FREE in September.

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"Sell Ten Sets" Challenge

Sell Ten Sets of these and report your success on the link below to be in a special draw each week of the brochure! Do it once and do it again!

Whole Set is only $44 ($81.50 retail value)

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Look what we will draw for


When You Sell Ten Report Here!

New Host Bonus



Online form to Report 3 Week Parties Up

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Please simply report all Parties you have dated into the next 3 weeks starting always with the week we are currently in.

Every week there will be Draws from those reporting.

If your parties up change during the week simply make out a  new report, we will always take the latest report to place in the draws.

Have a Look at Parties already reported

ID= superb    p/w= parties

click above enter the ID and P/W to view all entries

Each week on Monday before rally the entries will be placed in a draw

Record Breaker Brochure


Mid September Brochure


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Fantastic "Say Yes" Award and "Activity Award"


Every Host has the privilege of purchasing the Kit

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Congratulations to all New Consultants who have submitted sales in the last 13 weeks

Top New Consultant Sales

This organized by Teams



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Two Week Challenge earned with $1800 sales

Party Perks for September


Have a look at the New Online Catalogue and Brochures

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New FundRaiser

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Calendar of Events


Jubilee 2018 Slide Show

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