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watch for this years to be posted by Mid-November


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Join Shanna tonight at 7 pm for Fun Night!

Get your guests & Hosts to bring friends,  Gift for bringing two!

All first time guests get a Free Gift and are in draws for Great products - every Host from the last 3 weeks will be recognized with a special gift - every Guest & Host can buy a door crasher special.

Team members Bringing 5 Guests in this month and get a "Big Award"

Hosts for the last 3 weeks recognized with a fantastic Award

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Bring your Supplies such as: Brochures - Order forms - Catalogues - Party Planners - Datebook

Road to Big Weeks

January 2019

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New 2019 Winter Catalogue

Sample Sheet


Stacked Cooker Video

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Mid November Brochure





Two Weeks Only

Fantastic Gift Set (5 Gifts for $20 each)

Offer this to Customers to check off 5 Gifts on their Christmas list

Two Week Dating Challenge for "New Datings" you date from November 10th to November 23rd

A "New Dating" is a date for a future party that you pencil in your date book in these two weeks!

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Step into Leadership


Your future is brighter than ever!

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Details & Qualifications

Build your Team & give someone a Gift of the Tupperware Opportunity & earn Bonuses!

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This Weeks Challenges

This Weeks Activity Award




A "Sure Thing" Superb Challenge

At Superb we will have an all Superb Challenge:

For every new Recruit in November and December Brian will place a product in the “Great Big Box".

Imagine what it will look like; how many products of $25 or more can we put in the box?

40 Superb Recruits = 40 x $25+ = over $1000 of products

60 Superb Recruits = 60 x $25+ = over $1500 of products

At the end we will draw from all recruiters. The winning Recruiter gets to open the “Big Box" and share it with all the recruiters from their Director Team. One draw for each recruit they have until the box is empty.

Which Team will be the “Big Box” Director Team. The more team recruits the better your chances!



Build your team and become a leader!

Say Yes Offer

When your New Team Member qualifies they receive the activity award for only $40



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Online form to Report 3 Week Parties Up

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Please simply report all Parties you have dated into the next 3 weeks starting always with the week we are currently in.

Every week there will be Draws from those reporting.

If your parties up change during the week simply make out a  new report, we will always take the latest report to place in the draws.

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