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New Program to help build your business!

One of the proven methods to build enthusiasm and interest in Hosting a Party or starting as a Consultant is to get people to “Come to Rally” before their party date!


Bigger Parties                           More Recruits

It all starts with simply inviting “Future Hosts” to a Rally or guest event. They too are encouraged to bring some friends to receive a Gift for simply attending. This is provide at no cost to you for inviting future Hosts.


Another special offer!

Would you love your Hosts to attend a Rally prior to their party and have:

A guest list of 25 people – 10 Advance Outside Orders – 10 Adult Guests in attendance – a filled Toonie Sheet – and a Dating waiting for you.

By attending a Rally or guest event prior to their party, all Future Hosts can receive up to $60 “Bonus Host Credit” that they can use to choose product from the Brochure or Catalogue! Being able to choose from the brochure is a big bonus because that product is often deeply discounted so they receive more than the $60 retail value because they use the sales special prices. Have a look at the coupons that a Host can redeem by achieving specific Host challenges. A Host achieving all 6 challenges is sure to have a really great party!

Question: Who pays for the $60 extra credits and how do you order the product.

Answer: The consultant doing the party orders it on the Host Order when the party is submitted. The consultant pays “consultant cost” for that product. If all $60 were earned then the cost would be about $47. This in practical terms requires an increase of $240 in the party size to cover all costs. The experience has proven that party increase have been far beyond that.

6 Keys with coupons       

6 Keys to Unlock the $60 Bonus Host Credits