The Tupperware Web Order Entry!

 Web Order Entry is where Consultants and Managers enter and track their Tupperware orders. This system offers the convenience of completing your orders right from your desktop computer.

Here are the benefits

  • Orders arrive fast, one party at a time
  • Easy to key in orders, no mistakes from keying errors, everything appears by description & price
  • Ship directly to Hosts (saves time and money) or have orders send directly to you.
  • Being in control of when Parties are entered, enter them as parties are held, the sooner the better.
  • Ordering Defectives right on WOE, no need to return defectives to office or Tupperware unless specificaly asked to do so.
  • Order Samples on WOE for every new brochure on a "Consultant Order" on any party, later sell these and award sales credit from your pool.
  • Order earned gifts or offers earned, order the product on WOE with a coupon to have them shipped to you.
  • Knowing exactly your PROFIT, it's listed on the Party Summary page.
  • Being able to look back easily at your Party details (45 days).



To log on to the Consultant “My Sales Web Application” you would simply need to click on the link below.

Web Order Entry Link <-Click

Try it Now!


Detailed Guide to Take Orders and to place orders using your Computer

Entering a Party

Web Order Entry Tips <-Click

By Christa Chapman

Delivery Direct to Hosts <-Click

Ordering your Tupperware Debit Card

Cash 'N Carry Pool

 To resolve any difficulties you have obtaining your 11-digit code or for problems signing on call 1-866-376-7513. This is the number you call to resolve any difficulties with orders etc.


Tupperware Help Line for Customers only “ 1-800-887-7379




Warranty Program Information

Use WOE to order out defective warranty items and to receive credit for obsolete warranty items. You do not have to return the defectives to the office unless specifically asked to do that. Please mark them defective with an indelible marker and dispose of them.

How simple is this!



Warranty Program Outline <-Click

This 6 page document illustrates how to order out warrant replacements and obsolete credits





Non Warranty Product Report

Understanding the Parts Book

Quick Referance for Round Seals





Parts Replacement Catalogue

Check on




Tax Exempt Information

Tax Exempt Claims Instructions <-Click


Tax Exempt Refund Claim Slip <-Click




How to get the refund of the tax <-Click




Placing a 1-800 Phone Ordering


1-800 Phone Ordering procedures <-Click