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Saturday is FalFest 9:30 am to 3 pm

Monday is "Rally Day"

November 18th - 7 pm Rally only

An Update on all the News from Tupperware

Week 1 and Week 2 of November Recognition

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Continue To Build Your Fall Business

Dating Challenge

All this month we are holding a weekly Date-A-Ton

Date - Date - Date and report by clicking the report form below

Several Draws each Monday depending on the # of Datings

MORE = MORE "All In One Mates"



Let's keep the Party Going



New Video from Tupperware

"No Time to Waste"

Tupperware is the solution to the problem of waste


Introducing Superb's S-Bay Site

Over the next 7 weeks you will be able to bid on awards added to this site.

A total of 21 awards that you can bid on.

In November and December earn Tupper Bucks to have the winning bid declared on December 16th.

Watch for more awards to be added each week!

Click below to go to the actual web page


Superb Step Up Challenge

Add your Name to this Poster, sign at Rally or email me

Print this Poster, sign it, and put it prominent place at Home!


Sales Salute will be October 26th to November 15th (3 Weeks)

Lots of Great Gifts for Sales Salute

Great Training

News from Tupperware

and more!


Register now!

Available for all who Attend

There will also be a Monday evening rally (Nov.18) for recognition, News and you may purchase the product pack.

From Barb Czerniawski

I have decided to donate the toys I collect to the children's aid society in Hamilton to their toy room 
The toy room is a Christmas collection for children and youth in the care of CAS who have not been placed with families yet, in addition to toys they need toiletry items, clothing, books and gift cards for all ages.

Bring these kinds of items to donate to Superb!
I will also take any toys anyone wants to donate

Weekly Activity Bonus

Toy Gift Guide


Mid November Brochure


Sample Order Sheet




How much do you want to earn this Fall.


$1000 - $2000 - $3000 ???

Pick the amount you want to earn and multiply it by 4. That is the sales you need, you earn 1/4 of all your sales

Don't forget to add the bonuses and gifts to your total commissions!


6 Weeks left to Christmas

Earn $900+ Extra income in 3 to 5 hours a week

Offer the opportunity to someone who would like to earn some money for a great Christmas or to pay bills or to take a winter vacation!

One Party per week (3 - 5 hours of time) means they can earn extra income from a Tupperware business.

Step Up your online business for Christmas now!


How to Have a Tupper Connect Party Videos

Add $100's to every Party in Outside Sales

Why have TupperConect

How to Have a TupperConnect Party

Click on images to watch Videos

Click below to log on and choose your own website

Party + is Tupper Connect on Steroids

^Click to see More^

New Manager Step Up Qualifications have changed

This means that your new recruits do not have to be activated with $700+ in order for you to step Up to Manager!

Simply Stated

Have 3+ Team Members!

Those recruited from June to October do not have to be qualified

Have $3000+ in Unit Sales including yours!

Have $600+ in Personal Sales


Earn $100 Bonus plus these gifts by stepping into Leadership

Click the image for details

Rooti Toot Toot - Recruit and Step Up to Manager in November

Earn Bonuses and Rewards every month as a Manager

Even more REWARDS

Get the SAY YES Cold Brew award - Earn a Logo'd HOODIE and the JEAN JACKET by sponsoring this month.

Read the November Party Perks

Click to see everything for YOU

A Fantastic Say Yes Bonus


More for YOU when you Sponsor

click on image to print Kit & Welcome flyer


New Fundraiser Flyer

2-page brochure to view or print


Fund Raiser Order Form

For You to Build your Team

New Great Canadian Bowl Exchange

Guests bring any old container to trade for a genuine Tupperware product ($25 value)

New Guest Event and Open House Celebration

Next Guest Event Tuesday November 26th @ 7 PM

The Tuesday Open House ( a 90 Minute program) is designed especially for guests.


Guests receive gifts and You receive a gift for bringing guests & Hosts.

All Superb Team Members are invited to attend

Tuesday with a Guest /Host or by yourself

Bring your Guests & Hosts to the Tupperware Studio

in Ancaster for our Open House

Before and After Pictures to View/Print


Bahamas Relief Fundraiser

Read this - Important change

Read more by clicking above

Cold Brew Recipes



Cold Brew Facts


Sold in Packs of 10 for $7

Sample Order Form


30 minute Video with great details


Date a New Party

Get in the draws next Monday

Report by clicking below on the New Dating report


Date 2+ NEW  Birthday Month Parties and come to rally and get 2 packs of Birthday Month Brochures Free.



Dating is a Conversation

Talk to everyone you know,

tell them about the benefits

they can receive by being a Host.

Listen carefully to their response.

Don't give up on the first NO.

Suggest alternatives and options.

Dating is a negotiation,

Help them get what they want in rewards

and you will get what you want, a Host.

Dating can be a compromise,

if they can't have a traditional party

suggest alternatives,

a Facebook Party,

even a book Party at last resort.

Helping people get what they

want will get You what you want!

Never Give Up

Click image for interesting Video


Watch Cheryl's Weekly Video

Ancaster Tupperware Center Face book Page

Canadian Face Book Page


Do business online with Face Book Parties

Click above to learn about online Parties

The Tupperware Center

Google Calendar

This calendar shows events only at the Tupperware Center and is updated to show Director events also. Open the calendar and click on "Agenda" in the top right corner to see a detailed view of the calendar.

New online form to Report 3 Week Parties Up

Click above to report Parties

Please simply report all Parties you have dated into the next 3 weeks starting always with the week we are currently in.

Every week there will be Draws from those reporting.

Leaders Conference

Every Second Monday of the Month 7 pm

Calendar of Events

 All Leaders plus all Future Leaders with an active Team members

check the Calendar above for next date

Give yourself a Raise and earn Bonuses by being a Leader at Superb.

Managers get paid 4 different ways!



As a reminder, the following changes will take place with the start of the May sales month. 

Effective May 2019: (April 27)


Active Status changes from $500 over 4 months to $700 over 6 months

·        Regaining Active Status changes from $600 to $700


·        Host Program increases:

o   Minimum party sales to begin earning 10% host credit from $325 to $350

o   Minimum party sales to begin earning 15% host credit from $600 to $700


·        ALL active Sales Force members (as of the April 2019 sales month, recruited December 2018 sales month or prior) have until the end of the July sales month to submit the sales needed to achieve $700 in cumulative personal retail sales in the 6 Months of (February–July 2019) to remain active.


Sales Force Members will still need to continue to meet the $500 in cumulative personal retail sales in a rolling 4-month period through the end of the June sales month to remain active.

Anyone who goes inactive prior to that will have 8 months to submit $700 to regain active status.

·        ALL new recruits January–April

•ALL new recruits January-April who are active with $500 by the end of April will have six months (after their recruit month) to submit the $700 to stay active, and will NOT need to continue to meet the $500 in a rolling 4-month period.

• ALL new recruits who have not achieved active status with $500 by the end of April will have six months (after their recruit month) to submit the $700 to achieve active status.

Want More from your Business?

Give yourself a Raise and earn Bonuses

by being a Leader at Superb.

Managers get paid 4 different ways!

Talk to your Director today about the extra income you can earn as a leader at Superb.

At every rally at Superb there will be a special 30 minute breakout class & there is a special online 30 minute training and information class every Sunday at 8 pm

Earn a $100 Product Pack by completing the calls/classes

Investigate your opportunity in Tupperware


Use this to read at your Parties

Click above to print a copy



Tupperware Game Gift Prizes Descriptions


Manager Growth Awards

Remember: every Manager to Exec Manager at Superb

is in this program starting in March

Own the Program

Click above for outline of program




Pressure Cooker Chart

Have a look at the special guide for staples

Recipe Book

The Benefits of a Pressure Cooker

Below is a link that has tons of great info where I learned the most about pressure cooking in general. It is not about microwave pressure cooking but can be adjusted accordingly as people glean information. Michelle Roberts

click above to View/Print complete guide

Click on Game to View/Print - Have Fun at every Party

A Fun Game for Parties

People can play this "Price is Right" game and guess prices, winners get a game prize.

This is what is in the Kit and everyone can purchase the Kit for only $39 simply by being a Host.

click to view or print

Recruit at your Parties

Every Host has the privilege of purchasing the Kit

Give this to everyone at your parties and then make sure you offer the party opportunity to all by playing the Mini Game or another Dating Game or by asking each person individually.

Click on the image to download and print

A formula to build your business to amazing levels

Modular Mate Information

Print your Own Labels

Make your own labels by buying Avery Clear labels and printing using the following templates. These templates are in MS Word format for editing purposes.

Print off Rally invitations


Like to Have Sales and earn $150 in Profit?

Have an "Everyone Wins" Party!

It's time to invite your Hosts & Customers to your own party where you challenge them to bring $150 or more in sales and share in all the Host Awards and Thank You Gifts. Click below for the whole scoop!

Everyone Wins Party

   In your own home, build your sales and earn Profits

Training Document

Everybody Wins Party

give away $100's of awards and make $100's of Profit plus Date more into Record Breaker Month!

Click above for complete document

Date your way to $ucce$$

Use Extra Incentives to Get Extra Datings!

Use your imagination and these great ideas



Here is a Dating Idea to be used at Events and Parties

This idea came from Adele Gaunt


Click on images to download pages

Have 3 or 4 Cello wrapped Gifts with the sign that states "Pick a Date - Pick a Time - Pick a Prize"

Also have the coupons spread out and invite people to come forward, or you could pass the coupons out, and have them use scotch tape to place their coupon on their chosen gift. Gifts are awarded at the time the party is held,


Party Hard and add Extra Sales Too!

Everyone Wins Party

   In your own home, build your sales

Toonie Challenge

Send out several sheets with friends and family for $100’s of $$ in sales

10 by 10 Challenge

Have some helpers add to your sales in a BIG Way        

Face book Party

A Brand New Host Party with Sales and Datings



Friends - Relatives - Acquaintances - Neighbors - Kids Friends

Reach your Neighbors Sheet


Datings by Phone      Friend Finding

Make Calls or Visits to everyone to Date Parties

Have Your Own Perfect Follow Up System

Use Google Calendar as a "Phone Lead Follow Up Planner". Simply Google "Google Accounts" or go to   and then establish a Google Calendar to place all you planned phone contacts in, use a new or existing email address and your name, address etc in you google account. I suggest this should have a separate calendar for phone leads to contact and use it for this only. You can change views from weekly to monthly, I prefer a 4 day view.

  • Place Name & Phone # of your contact in Day and Hour to Call
  • Colour Code you prospect (Customer - Host - Recruit Lead)
  • You can easily move them from 1 day to another or adjust the time to call
  • After calling them don't delete just adjust date on calendar for next call date or let them exist in the past

·         In details section place all updated information about your contact, this makes you seem smart

  • You can easily search by name for your contact and find them easily (Past or Future)
  • Always include the mail address and ask permission to send them a once monthly specials Brochure
  • Then add them to the e-Trends news letter mailing


Use ETrends to send out a monthly brochure by email to all your contacts. This keeps you in front of you customer 12 months a year. It will provide rewards in Customer Loyalty - Sales - and Recruits.

The cost of this is $6.95 US a month and can include thousands of customers who all receive your email every month. The cost is about 2.5 packs of printed brochures (50 brochures).

Sign up on by clicking this link

Sign up for Etrends


Date Well!

In the next weeks there will be lots of parties held that will provide fantastic sales for you and your host.

Be sure to put special attention and emphasis on Dating at your parties in the next weeks.

Cello wrap Dating Gifts and mark a Date on each one that suits your Date Book.

Cello Wrap some Great Gifts for Display on your Demo Table

Put a sign that state "FREE" on each gift. The first 3 to date choose their FREE GIFT. They of course do not receive until they hold their Party.

Dating Hot line Tracking Sheet

Be a Great Dater with this "Mini Game"

Use the Scoop to help you Recruit

Did you know there are 5 million households in Ontario and less than 1000 Tupperware Sales force members to serve them. That means the average sales force member has over 5000 households to look after.

If you did 2 parties every week (100 per year) it would take 50 years to reach each one.

We need more people on our Team

Simply present this as a option for everyone, point out that the kit is over a 70% discount to help them get started. They simply need to join your team, hold a party as a Host (A GO Party), and give it a try for a month.



Here are some straight facts!

A Rewarding Career - here is the Scoop <-Click

Earn Leadership Bonuses Every Month

Fantastic Recruiting Tips Video

Watch this and recruit like crazy!

Recruiting Envelope

Build your business with the "Power Hour" Concept!


Click on images above for view/print

Click on above text for full "Script" to make calls

Make your List of 100 Special People!

Click above to print list

Tupperware Customer Survey

This interaction with a customer will yield 3 to 4 times the results than a cold telephone call.

Use the survey to gain a "One on One" personal interview with a customer in their own home.

Just ask on the phone if you can have 10 minutes of their time to complete a Customer Survey. Offer them a gift for spending that time with you to complete the survey.

Do not go into the details over the phone, the time spent with them in their home establishing a rapport will make it possible to be much more successful in Dating - Recruiting - and even selling product.


Go over the the survey so you are comfortable and can make it your own.

Edit the Survey in MS Word

Print the above flyer and place it on your display

Have your own Party and earn $250 Profit

Click above to print invitations

Toonie Game

Each $2 buys you one square. The more squares you buy, the better your chance of winning! The winner of the Toonie Game receives FREE Tupperware (your choice). The dollar amount of the prize is determined by the number of squares purchased (ie: 40 squares = $80, 50 squares = $100). All sales from the Toonie Game are added to the Hosts’ party sales, thereby earning your Host more gifts.

Here is a great idea!

Have a $100 Surprise pack made up instead of having the winner choose from the catalogue. Save you valuable time when rewarding the prize.

Use "Six Keys" to Build Parties and Recruit!

Learn all about this here!

Build your "Outside Sales" at every Party!

Encourage your Host at Party Planning to have "HELPERS" bring advance orders to the Party! The Host could have one or two helpers go to their circle of friends and contacts to get Outside Orders for the Party. Provide 2 Brown Envelopes with brochures and order forms to the Host to give to special friends to get those orders.

Below is an example of what you could write on the sealed brown envelopes.

Click image to print "Party Helper" page.

Think about this. If you do 1 party per week and get 4 extra outside orders of $50 each you could add $200 per week or $10,000 per year to your sales. That with bonuses could be well over $2500 a year in added profit.

Enough for a trip to Hawaii next winter!

Build your Team by Recruiting Now!

A Great Opportunity Flyer <-Click

Use this flyer to recruit by telling “your "I Story" the reasons for being in Tupperware”

and playing the 10 ticket game at parties.

This is a must that everyone has at least the Free site.

This will provide access to Order Entry - All Business Documents - Brochures - Sample Order Sheets - Your Personal & Team Sales Records - Commission Records - Add a New Recruit - and more.

You may purchase a "Plus Site".

•Plus:$9.95      •Silver (Plus and Party+):   $14.95 

This will provide all of the above plus an Online Marketing Site to your customers - email services - a Contact Manager - a personal Calendar - plus more.



Party Planning Guide

More from your Demo with Dating Bids

How to Build a BIG Party

How to be a GREAT Dater

2 + 2 + 2

Date from your existing customers

"The fortune is in the Follow Up"

Kelley Lightfoot Super Saturday Training!

How to Handle Objections

Use the Feel - Felt - Found method

Super Saturday Training by Jen Horst

Printable Bingo Cards

Simply download the file (right click - save as), open the file and print the number of pages required. There are 100's of pages so don't print all if not necessary.

Two Up on Page

Four Up on Page

New Forms to use effective February 19th

It was necessary to upgrade the forms for reporting Datings, Parties Up etc.

Please do not use older forms as they will not work. Each week we will have challenge but not for all of the examples below, read the emails to see the weekly challenge(s) and be sure to get in the draws





Guest Event
Top 100 Canada Recognition for last week